Hanoi Capsule Collection

The chosen articles are essential to Hanoi's street life.
Families work in ensemble to serve the battalion of hungry stomachs squatting in every inch of the sidewalk.

There's no time for hesitation, tools need to get the job done.

Scissors that cut, pinch, push, grab, stir. Sandals with holes and cushioned sole to fight the the heat, the long standing hours and the eventual spillovers. Bia Hoi glasses: sturdy, robust, cheap. One breaks, take another one, customers are yelling.
We curate products from all over the world and bring them to Berlin.
Everyday icons are so omnipresent that they get overlooked. Simple things have a particular story — may it be their design, production or use. These plain objects speak to us on an instinctive level.

Social Business Practices
We support local producers and suppliers and establish local distribution. Does it make economical short-term sense? Not really, but beauty and kindness seldom do.
That is fine with us.
A lot of Middlemen & Women
We know our sources but we don't buy from them. We buy from multiple local shops. That way we leave shares of profit in the local ecosystem.
No Bargaining Policy
We don't bargain. Our partners set the price and we pay it. We understand the value of work, and that we can't see everything that goes into it — so we trust.
We strive for full transparency with every stakeholder involved. This includes prices for every step in the supply chain, up until you, the customer. This is a dream, we are not there yet, but we work towards it.
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